Sunday, 4 August 2013

Review: Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil claims to ‘help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone and aging skin’ Think of it as the original body lotion formula’s beefed up, no nonsense older sister.  It has a really light texture and smells so yummy!

As for the claims, do they work? In a word yes, I can’t comment on the ‘aging skin’ claim (I’ll get back to you on that one in 20 years or so) but as for the others it seems to do a fairly decent job. Don’t be expecting miracles overnight though, you will need to use it over a long period of time and use it consistently.

I’ve been using it once a day for just over 2 months and I’ve just started on my second bottle. My marks (from old spots, insect bites and knee grazes) are definitely still there but have become noticeably lighter and smaller.  A small amount applied onto damp skin post shower sinks in fairly quickly. (Provided you don’t use too much) And the pump dispenser makes it really easy to use, you don’t end up with the entire bottle covered in oil which is always a bonus.

My skin seems to scar very easily, not uncommon in Indian skin. The darker your skin is the more melanin it contains. When your skin heals from a spot/insect bite/graze/cut etc melanin is overproduced. So the more melanin you have, the greater the overproduction, which means that the contrast between your natural skin tone and the scar will be greater. It will also take the melanin a lot longer to break down and disperse, meaning your scar will take longer to disappear.

There is nothing you can really do to fully get rid of scars  (with the possible exception of Laser) but you can definitely help them to fade quicker and appear less noticeable, the two main ways of doing this are regular exfoliation, and always keeping your skin moisturized, preferably with products that contain Vitamin E (as this one does).  Saying that, I wouldn’t bother with the Palmers Scar Serum, it has a really think texture that’s difficult to work in and it doesn’t smell very nice.

If you are considering trying this product out, now would be a good time because it’s currently on half price here, and if your not sure you’ll stick to using it, why not just pour a bit into your bath!

Have you ever tried Palmers Original Formula Skin Therapy Oil? What did you think of the results?


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